Pure Lead

Gold Star Power Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of the finest Pure Lead in India. Pure Lead Ingot is being produced from Raw Lead Bullion / Remelted and Secondary Lead Ingots / Lead Scraps though Pyrometallurgical process. Our Refining Process is producing Pure Lead Ingots of minimum purity level 99.98% achieves.
Our Pure Lead Ingots is dross-free and we provide in-house Optical Emission Spectrophotometer (OES) test reports which includes 11 elemental and showing up to 5 decimals of accuracy.

1 Sb – Antimony % 0.001 (Max.)
2 Sn – Tin % 0.001 (Max.)
3 Cu – Copper % 0.002 (Max.)
4 As – Arsenic % 0.001 (Max.)
5 Bi – Bismuth % 0.0015 (Max.)
6 Fe – Iron % 0.001 (Max.)
7 Pb (Lead) % 99.98 (Min.)

Our Quality is Tested by :
  Our modern quality control Laboratory consists of Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES).
  Our manufacturing operations are producing Pure Lead, Lead Alloys, Lead Sub-Oxide Gray and Red Lead etc. are controlled round the clock by experienced Chemists & Q.A. Supervisors.
  Our manufacturing operations are driven by quality, from the way they operate, to the customer service standards they set and the products they deliver.
  Each heat is being analyzed prior to its pouring Lead into the moulds to ensure proper chemistry, grain size and dross content of the Lead. All elements are controlled within specified limits and proper records are being maintained. Each heat is being assigned a unique batch no which is also marked every relevant ingot to ensure complete traceability at a later stage.
  In addition to in-process inspection, a highly experienced and dedicated team ensures complete adherence to the most precise standards. Experts are involved right from choosing the highest quality raw material to application of various techniques to ensure the product’s confirmation to the highest quality standards.
  We focus on quality, timely deliver and services which make us to win new opportunities in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. We identify areas for improvement within our quality checks at every stage of manufacturing process to provide our customers with the best value possible in the products which we produce in our modern Plant. Proudly Made in India