SMF Series

Gold Star Power Limited, A pioneer in the battery industry, brings the range of Sealed Maintenance free car batteries. Manufactured keeping India’s harsh weather and road condition. Having the ability to withstand any sort of abuse. This Battery will perform, even after your car gives up. This small change in the hood of your car will give you HIGH Performance, HIGH Power, LONG Life & BIG Satisfaction.

Presenting Gold Star Power Limited the SMF battery – a result of in – house R&D efforts, buit to perform “evermore”. In short, we can say “Proudly made in India”

Advantage & Features

  The GSPL Sealed Maintenance Free(SMF) manufacturing and design process from most other conventional batteries in several strategic ways.
  Most other conventional batteries use cast antimony grids which make the battery more susceptible to corrosion and water loss.
  GSPL Sealed Maintenance Free(SMF) Batteries feature lead calcium grids (lead calcium technology) for improved resistance to corrosion, overcharging, gassing, water usage, self discharge and thermal runaway, all of which limit battery life in conventional lead acid batteries.
  The SMF batteries are flat plate batteries and using “calcium/calcium alloy” which do not require topping-up with water during service life.
  While some other batteries use removable covers, the GSPL SMF Battery incorporates sealed covers with built in flame arresters for better resistance to acid loss, electrolyte contamination and explosions from external sparks.
  GSPL Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries have a very low self-discharge rate below 27°C.

SMF SERIES (Sealed Maintainance Free Battery)
Sr. Model Code Battery Type Capacity in AH at 27°C (@ 20Hr) Dimension (mm) Dry(kg.) Wet (kg.) Acid Volume/ Cell in Ltr. Layout
1 GSMF 400 NS40 12V 40 AH 40 193 127 222 7.98 10.80 2.40 A
2 GSMF 400 L NS40 L 12V 40 AH 40 193 127 222 7.98 10.80 2.40 B
3 GSMF 450 NS60 12V 45 AH 45 235 127 222 9.50 12.70 2.70 B
4 GSMF 700 N5Z 12V 65 AH 65 259 172 121 13.05 18.10 4.20 A
5 GSMF 700 L N50Z L 12V 65 AH 65 259 172 121 13.05 18.10 4.20 B
6 GSMF 800 N70Z 12V 80 AH 80 303 170 225 16.00 22.50 5.40 A